They were ordinary people like you and I. Their country needed them and they answered without hesitation. They went to places they had never been before to defend our country and our freedom. They fought for our flag and our way of life. They fought for you.
There is a famous Military Motto that sums it all up:

  "All gave some, some gave all"

The first part is "All gave some" - What this means is every man or woman who served gave something, leaving family to go to war, losing a limb in combat, getting captured and being a prisoner of war, giving up their job or their home etc...

The Second part is "SOME GAVE ALL" - It means exactly what it says. They gave their lives for what they believed in. They gave their lives so others may live free. They gave their lives for you.
There is no greater honor than that. Don't ever let anyone tell you anything different.
5/18/2013 Memorial Day Preparation:
Placing United states Flags on the graves of veterans at Immaculate Conception Cemetery.
Thanks to those who participated:
B.S.A. Troop-6, Crew-59, Curtiss-Wright Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol, and U.S.M.A. Cadet Stasia Rogacki.

You have done a great honor for our veterans, THANK YOU.

Thanks to Scoutmaster Rogacki for the pictures.

Pictures from the Memorial Day Parade.
Thanks to all who participated!

Thanks to Matthew Corliss and Scoutmaster Rogacki for the pictures.